a bit chilly morning


i made some changes in the general settings and the theme of the blog.
Writing in English can be troublesome, but lets see how it goes…

Got up at 7:00 this morning. (I awaked at 5:00 and 6:00 but tried sleeping.)
Asked mam to chill a ES in the fridge.
Started drinking it with suger-free coffee jerry (made yesterday) in the soup bowl at 7:40
Drinking with spoon made me feel like i am actually “eating” breakfast.
finished at 8:00.

Amount of ES: two-third of a can

I wonder why i keep chewing gums.
Mom thinks its weird…

gonna go shopping later thismorning.
Mom wants me to wear longer skirt to hide my bony lanky legs.

oops, and today’s weight: 33:6kg
decreased again.

returned from shopping.
finished lunch. (coffee jerry and ES)

Amount of ES: 3/4 (drank too much?)

During the shopping mom cared for me not to walk much.
For me, it is so thoughtful of her.
Mom bought me a longskirt for me,but when i am in the fitting room and changing clothes I felt a bit dizzy and almost fell over.
We dropped by CD shop on the way home but they dont have the CD i want, so i made an order for it.

Feeling kind of calm so far.
think i drank too much ES and feel scared.
Maybe adjust the amount of the last ES…evil thinking….

the dress i bought today: http://www.lowrysfarm.jp/catalog/index.php?id=8&p=33
drank ES with frozen coffee jelly.
Amount of ES: almost zero (threw away more than 4/5)
feeling a bit hungry.
gonna take a shower and eat dinner.

finished dinner. Tohu soumen and mekabu(sea weed)
had a bad stomach for the last 2 hours but feeling better now.
gonna eat pocali jelly around 21:00.


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