Imagination and memoir

This line is from the movie “Le Scaphandre et le Papillon”.(The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) I watched it last night. As a matter of the fact, the story was a bit more plain and predictable  than i thought. But still it was worth checking because it is apparently nonfiction. At first I couldn’t understand the meaning of the title but it doesn’t have a big mystery in it too (you gradually find it answer during watching it). What amused me the most was the chic French styles in the movie. The white and purple polka dot shirt, red and white gingham shirt, paisley patterned dress, pale sky-blue dress with pattern of fire flowers, cherry-patterned dress…etc. i would look for photos later…

Also, the way French people open envelopes is so nonchalant that i was worried the letter inside would also break! Do they always do like that?

oh and its almost noon here! Did you know that today is the opening day of Waterloo station in London! (just found out that.)


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