Tepid afternoon



(one of the paper cutting i made)

back from supermarket and the post offiice now chilling out in the living room watching HDD on telly. finished lunch at 12:00 with Tohu somen seasoned with much black peppers. (no ES) My friends sent me an e mail asking for meeting up but no way i can face them now. Mom says not to take it so seriously and go and talk with them but i just dont feel like going, cause, well, how can i explain about my current situation to them? i shall turn it down anyways.

have anyone who read my blog been to Porland? I am now watching TV about the country and the city looks so colorful and cheerful. I definately would like to visit someday. According to the program i am now watching, warsaw is the hometown of Chopin and his heart is now burried under one of the church in the city! a bit scary!

my favorite village was Zalpie : http://www.pbase.com/bauer/zalipie_picturesque__village_poland


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