Early bird


It’s mild morning. I bought this bouquet of chrysanthemum yesterday afternoon but since we have very few variety of vases (we have been longing to get some but always miss the chance!) i sent an e-mail to my grandma to ask if i could visit and see her collection of handmade ones. (she has taken the ceramic art class run by our city and has been saying she wants to give me one.)
She was so delighted to get my e-mail as i merely see her lately. (I fear that my grumpiness and her nonchalant word may bring up something bad and our meeting up ends up awkwardly.) But she has said she always wants to see me and do everything she can for me, which is so thoughtful and appreciative.
Anyways we (grandpa was there too) took some time to see her collection and i was given this white one. I liked the mild creamy color and the round frame of the top. Then our meeting up ended peacefully and I kind of felt relieved. I really hope to see her as i have before. I want to make her happy.

This morning i woke up at 5:00 again and had breakfast at 6:30. I went to bed at around 22:30 last night so i feel i become an early bird recently. it’s about 8 in the morning and i feel kind of sleepy already…

Todays weight was 34.2kg. (with jeggings and t-shirts) why is it happened again? i am definitely not happy. So my strategy today is to halve a can of ES and have one on breakfast and leave the another for 3 o’clock meal. Also I tried deluted ES made with coffee and water (As ES has thickness in both its flavor and form I heard some people often try this way.) and it turns out better. I feel less sick and the amount of liquid increases enough to feel me full. I can continue this way I guess.

oh mom’s presence only itself get my nerves…not good… :-(


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