Fluttering jewels from the Globe

Every third Sunday there is something I am looking forward to. One of the major Japanese newpaper company publishes their Sunday edition on every month and there always are full of eye-catching articles which makes my mind buoyant and delightful. My favorite features are the articles they pick from the foreign newspaper like New York Times Magazine or Los Angels Times, and also some from the U.K. Also they introduces the world’s hot culture such as cinemas, musicals, arts, and books from all over the world via their correspondant. To me Globe (the name of the edition) is the lovely window i can poke into to say hello to the world and keep my spirit higher.

So from today’s Globe here are some of my favorites…

★Die Kunst des Klaren Denkens by Rolf Dobeli (Bestsellers according to Der Spiegel) : This is from their list of bestsellers in Munich bookstores in June. According to the article, the author explains the phenomenon like Sunk Cost Fallacy by pointing out the example of your certain behavior in the theatre . How would you behave if the movie is not in your cup of tea? Would you stand up and leave the theatre or just sit up and go with the flow? Also, (its my pop-up question just came up to my head but) how long would you stay in your seat after a movie is over? As soon as it ends? Or sinking in the mood and lingering on in your mind? or taking a glance at people around you (and parhaps charming person next to you) to wait for the chance? And, would you talk and exchange your thoughts with someone you are with about the movie you just watched? (Oh I didnt know I’m this much keen on how people behave in the theatre!) It would be great if you let me hear your thoughts :-)

★Expedition zu den Polen by Steffen Moller : This is also the list of bestsellers in Germany. As I watched the program about Zalipie, Poland on telly several days ago, I am now keen on the country and its culture.

★Crazy Horse by Frederick Wiseman : I wonder how people define “night show”?

There are more to introduce actually but it maybe overdone as the first try i decide to stop for now.

Oh but for the last….. the illustrations in the edition also entertains my eyes.

Satoshi Hashimoto : http://s-portfolio.net/

Naoto Okubo : http://www.canalsavoy.com/profile.html

Today’s Petals : Essay Mills / gibberish / ciation / glaring / plagiarism / centenarian / Archon genomics / locomotive syndrome


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