Muddy Marine Morning


Did you know that its Marine Day in Japan?  It’s a national holiday so we have one more extra day to entertain ourself this weekend and just feeling that makes me feel bright :-)

Last night I watched a program which showed the outskirts of the Themes river. I have been looking forward to it and it was worth watching indeed. I enjoyed the lovely scenes like the Diamond Jubilee and the lake district of Cotswolds, and also Oxford and Winsor. I truly wished I was there! After the program I have been listening to a jazz album (“Time Out” by) the Dave Brubeck Quartet) on YouTube and fell  asleep before I knew. I think it passed 11pm though. But it was so muddy night that I awaked in the middle of the night several times, it was about 3 am or something i guess. Despite the effort of our touch-and-go air-conditioner, it is hard to sleep lately and my sleep life is getting so senile these days. I woke up around 5 am this morning and had breakfast a quarter past 6 am i reckon. I had a half can of ES diluted with little water and coffee and also crushed coffee jelly. But for today’s experiment, I put ES into microwave and bring it to a boil with a slight of hope to ruin the nutrition. I don’t know i made it or not but only thing i am sure of is that diluted ES seems definitely a good idea. I still have a slight dizzy though. oh and todays weight was 34.1kg. i don’t know what to say so i modestly would like to refrain the comment about this, thank you.

As I have been up from 5 pm this morning (it is just 8 o’clock in the morning) it seems like to be a looong day to me. My plan for today is to induldge myself into YouTube for some jazz music and also my current favorite singer Lianne La Havas in the morning (I like the way she holds her guitar and Corrine-like mood) and take a short trip to the library to borrow some DVDs (with curiosity for : “21gram” and some classic black and white movie) Hope mom and I get along with well together for next 12 hours.


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