Scorching Sun


(took this from the window of a car on my way home from the hospital)

It’s Tuesday which means it’s a check-up day to me. I have been going to the hospital once a week. Once it was once a every week but as my condition is getting critical the doctor told me to come and see him every week. Besides, I used to go there myself or sometimes with my mother but for the last 3 weeks dad also comes along together and drives us to get there. It is mainly because of my serious condition but it also means I don’t even have enough energy to walk to the hospital from its nearest station.
Anyways on every check-up, the first thing I need to is to stand on the scale and weigh myself. Todays weight was 34.0kg. It is same as last week despite the fact that my ES intake got fewer. The doctor said it is because of edema on my legs (Yes, now my legs are swelling like elephant and i have taken foot bath once or twice a day at home lately.) and he also mentioned the necessity of hospitalization so seriously this time. He asked me if i have a will for that. But as I mentioned before it means i have little freedom of daily life I said I don’t want to. He basically really respects my own will but apparently it may be inevitable if I continue to decrease the calorie intake. However, there is one important date just around the corner which means so much to my future (It is actually August 3rd.) so until then I never want to get hospitalized. I know I am so selfish but if I get hospitalized by the date I would definitely regret for the rest of my life I reckon. So I insisted on my will so strongly and seriously and he finally compromised to procrastinate the decision for next week and I was obliged to make a promise to agree with hospitalization if my weight decreases at that time. So I need to think of something to avoid that… I have heard that some people drink much water before weigh themself for vheating…..evil idea….but kind of tempting…..><;

Enough for this time! See you later for more details…


took a shower and now finished supper with Konnnyaku-Somen. Now watching the travel program on telly. It introduces the charm of Cambridge. This is my favorite program because as watching this I feel like i am also strolling around the world. According to the man who walks around and cleans the town, it is so quiet because there is little ways cars can go into. I was also interested in the clock in the town, on which a bug is placed like the bug is eating the time. As featured in the program, Going down  the river Cam on a pant and walking around the colleges would be fabulous experience i imagine. I was surprised there are so many people who cleans the town wearing the same yellow uniform, they seem to be proud of their work. Oh and bell ringers in the St.Mary Cathedral were also interesting. One of the man who were answering the question on orchard street said that Cambridge is the town of greenary and history, and i have itch for visiting there now.

After this program I am going to watch a mystery program which is revised version of Sherlock Holmes. looking forward to it. :-) I used to like mysterys when i was a child and read some books like Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, and these days I am into it again and indulge myself into it. Now reading “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” which I borrowed at the library.

As I got up 5:30 today, I might fall asleep at around 22 or 23 tonight…so bye for today!



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