Three-digits temp!


My paper cutting :-)

Todays weight: 33.4kg 6.6% It keeps falling down since i started taken a fewer amount of ES. I feel I am getting weaker and weaker everyday. Just standing up from chair or waking up from Futon(it is Japanese style bed which is kind of thick mat on the floor.) makes my body so tired and it is bothering me. So I have to ask mom or dad to take something which is far from me. The hardest thing to do is climbing up the stairs. (Our bedroom is on the 1st floor and our living room is on the 2nd floor actually.) Last night I tried to stand up from the floor and I almost fell over and leaned over the wall. I felt kind of miserable. Maybe i should take 1.5 cans of ES today and tomorrow and gradually make it 2 cans.

As for my swollen legs, it got better somehow. I don’t know why but my mom’s massage (I can’t appreciate enough for that) and foot bath must have been effective. Also I myself make sure not to take too much water these days. But it is dangerously hot outside this week so I also have to care for dehydration. (Does anyone know how much water one should take in the hot day like 35℃? ) Beside when i am sitting at home I try to keep my legs leaning against the wall and keep them higher in order to have a better circulation of a lymph node. Hope all of them works good to me.

I had half can of ES today, maybe going to the bank later today. So far mentally keeping calm :-)


back from bank and supermarket. finished lunch with Tokoroten and a half can of ES. Now reading blog post on Design Sponge in the comfortably air-conditioned living room (and keeping my legs up on a stool). will check out Modcloth’ new arrival and read the novel later :) I diluted ES without vanishing its sweet flavor completely and added some coffee and it tasted good. In this way I can double the amount of ES and enjoy it longer. It is also a good way to prevent myself to become addicted with ES. I am kind of scared of that.

Oh and does someone know the relationships between caffeine and swelling? If so, please tell me whether i should refrain the intake of caffeine or not…? Thanks ! and see you later. :)


finished third meal. I had some of my homemade Kanten jelly and 1/3 of ES and left 2/3 in a mug for tomorrow. This time I diluted ES with water and coffee again. The flavor was strawberry but it matched with coffee.

By the way I have been thinking about my ES-intake schedule so I write it down here for the record to myself. At first, I take 4 meals in a day. The first meal is in the morning (at around 7 am, it depends on how early I wake up on the day), and the second one is at around 11am and noon, then the third one is around 3:30pm, then the last one is at 7 pm. Then, one can of ES is 250ml.

I am planning to take 1.5 cans of ES (so it means 375ml) per day at least for the next 3days. So, for the 1st meal in the morning I would take 150ml, and also 150ml for the 2nd, and 75ml for the third, and Konnyaku Somen for the last meal. For each time I have ES, I carefully measure it with a cup and leave the leftover in the mug or tumbler. Besides, I have ES with handmade Kanten jally  made just with Kanten powder and mineral water and non-calorie syrup. and…..That’s it!

This afternoon I watched a DVD I borrowed at the library which is called “Everything is illuminated”. This movie is about American Jewish boy whose hobby is to collect things with a plastic bag, especially the articles left behind by his deceased family. When his grandmother is dead, she left him a picture of his grandfather taken in Ukraine without explaining its meaning. Then he decided to go on a trip to follow his grandfather’s tracks and find out why and where the picture was taken, with a boy and his grandfather in Odessa running tour company…

Over all, there were very nostalgic but heart-warming atmosphere in the movie. It makes me think of the mind of people who is so-called “collector”. Maybe I am not obsessed with things? Am I cold-blooded? Anyways, someone who collects certain things is a kind of enviable to me. Because, it means the one has a certain intention and obsession to the things and really loves them. It would also reflects what kind of people the one is. It shows one’s point of view and values. Besides, when the one finds his/her favorite thing and put it in the showcase or somewhere and take a step back and see it placed still and stably in one’s realm, it should be blissful moment for him/her. :) Do you collect something? If so, what is it? I am curious and happy to hear your story!

Everything Is Illuminated (2005) – IMDb

via Everything Is Illuminated (2005) – IMDb.

By the way, it is so coincidence that I was reading this article on Design Sponge just before watching this movie!

sneak peek: best of collections | Design*Sponge

via sneak peek: best of collections | Design*Sponge.

Also, the name of Odessa reminded me of this book I bought and read in London last year :)

Moonlight in Odessa. by Janet Skeslien Charles by Janet Skeslien Charles – Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

via Moonlight in Odessa. by Janet Skeslien Charles by Janet Skeslien Charles – Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists.


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