Forget the rain


I woke up with the sound of rain this morning. At first, i couldn’t find out where the sound is from as It has been a while since it rained last time. But it stopped soon and the sun is already poking out its face now :) It’s getting brighter and brighter and it also makes my mind still and relax. Last night was so still too. I watched several Dramas on telly (SATC and Dr. house and a bit of the movie “A Good Woman”) and after that I turned it off and read “the mysterious affair at styles” by Agatha Christie and fall asleep peacefully at around 10:30pm.)

Today’s weight was 33.4kg, 6.4% It didn’t change. As for the edema, its on my legs is currently subsided thanks to mom’s massage during the foot bath and the excercise I have been doing at night but its on my face (especially around the bottom of my face) stays remained and the shape of my face is like a pear now :-S I am doing lymph massage on face lately and it feels good but seems difficult to vanish it.

For today’s breakfast, I had 150ml of ES (measured with a cup) and Kanten-jelly. (it was about 7:20am) I also made Katenten jelly for today this morning and now taking a foot bath and massage. I am wondering whether I should take the same amount of ES for lunch or not. As it was a bit much for me…

Mom is going to the hospital later in this morning so I have to be at home and wait her. I hope the time flies. I will check the blogs and newspaper after foot bath. I really appreciate mom’s devoted support. Last night she also pat my head gently while i was sleeping (but slightly conscious) and  it feels so soothing and I felt calm and protected. :)

Hope everyone have a good day today, and so as mom and I!


now having 100ml of ES and Kanten jelly. maybe will have 50ml at the third meal.


mom took me out for driving this afternoon and I loved it! We brought in some CDs like Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Colbie Caillat, Duffy and they were all so refreshing and . :) Going straight down the road makes me feel great. Mom and I had very good time relaxing.  :) Thanks mom. Now taking foot bath and massage and will have jelly and 50ml of ES later….


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