Sleepy Sound


Yesterday I did nothing at all. Really. Just stayed home and did internet-surfing (modcloth, urban outfitters, anthropologie, Design Sponge…etc) all day long. But for the record…Yesterday’s weight 33.4kg 6.5%. Amount of ES: 150ml in the 1st, 100ml at lunch, 50ml at third, konnnyaku somen at supper. Today’s weight:33.3kg, 6.4%. 150ml of ES for breakfast. (7:30-8:00am)

I got up before 5 am this morning as I fell asleep so early last night (9:30-10:00pm i guess.) Only thing I remember is that I was watching a movie called “Simple Plan” (which is not so simple actually complicated to me. ) and started nodding off and dad came to the room and carefully put my glasses off from my face. Dad always does that for me and I feel so easy so I secretly fancy it.

It was breezy and a bit chilly in the early morning but it’s getting warmer and warmer! I am almost sweating! (I already had todays 1st foot bath and massage so my circulation system is working well i reckon) After lunch we head for driving! i am so looking forward to it since i didn’t go out of a house for at least 24 hours! I will bring some CDs again. But I am also worried my body gets tired by walking around outside… Anyways, I hope we can enjoy! And I also hope everybody have a nice weekend!  Bye for now :)


finished lunch with ES of 100ml with Kanten jelly.


finished 3rd meal with about 50ml of ES.

Dad, mom and I went to driving today to the temple this afternoon. It took us 1 hour to get there and listening to the CDs was so relaxing and exciting :) The temple is kind of famous and popular spot so there were some tourist at the temple, but and they were younger than we thought. Usually people who come to a temple to seek for the still and calm atmosphere tends to be in their 50s or 60s. So I was kind of surprised to see that there were many teens and girls in their 20s. Anyways, the atmosphere at the temple was so good and soothing. There were bamboo forest at there and it refreshed my feeling, I could felt fresh breezy freshair and felt cooler than when I am inside of the temple. Bamboos seem to have decrease the temperature of surroundings… :)

Hope everyone had nice Sunday!


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  1. Thank you Vintage Living Magazine for liking this! I liked you photos of your posts too! They are all inspiring :) Please come again *

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