Films and childs :)

the old Japanese patterns of envelope

I have been lazy blogger for the last several days! But days were just like usual. Oh but there is one big news for me. I got check-up on last Tuesday and i somehow managed to avoid getting hospitalized! As I mentioned before, if the weight decreased again this time, I had to be hospitalized by the end of this month but on that day I was wearing more clothes and guzzuled much water just before the check-up so I guess those evil ideas (:-S) did some tricks and the scale showed my weight was 34.4kg. However, it is just temporary makeshift. So, it goes without saying that I will get hospitalized if my weight is decreased or my blood test turns out worse again next week ! I am kind of scared….! I never want to get hospitalized and this feeling is getting much stronger and stronger these days. I just want to live and stay at home :-S

Okay let’s change the subject to the something bright!

In Japan, summer holiday has officially started from last week, especially for children. The school is off so there are many children playing outside. :) Nowadays, Japanese children are usually said to be stressed and tied up with busy schedule with cram school or other lessons (which is often arranged by their parents) so I feel kind of relieved to see cheerful and lively children playing basketball in the park or being absorbed in their favorite books in the library, strolling around the town with their bike..etc. Then I recently had an interesting findings about children. They all are giving off the same kind of unique smell from their body! It is milk-ish but also sweat-ish…yes it is definitely not a good smell. ;) But playing around and sweating much with friends under the sun is what children (should) do in Summer, rather than sitting up in an appropriately air-conditioned study room. (Actually I myself can’t mention that story though) ..oh and I never see the children without remembering my students in the cram school I used to work for. I hope they are doing well too :)

Speaking of a library, today I would like to introduce the list of the films I watched. Most of them are from city library but I can borrow them with no charge and be able to keep it for 1 week or more if I ask for the extension. I had to look up for a bit to know English titles but here’s the list…

*Annie Hall (it was hard to keep up with at first, but the images were just beautiful and Annie was just so lovely and nonchalant and chic in her french-style dress. :) )

*As Good as it gets (This completely changed my image of Anthony Hopkins starring in “The Silence of the Lambs” and I loved it! In this film, he was so clumsy and grumpy and all-thum-guy, but that was so charming. oh and the beautiful Helen Hunt’s white and sleek back was just jaw-droppingly gorgeous.(sigh) )

*Righteous Kill( I just watched it for killing time, but the cast were all big names like- Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, etc. It’s all about two detectives and betrayal, i reckon)

*The family Stone (The image and soundtrack were full of merry and cheerful atmosphere of christmas! It brightened me up and Sara Jessica Parker’s was so lovely. Although I had to give up to skip some chapter because of bad the condition of DVD and the part was apparently important i guess, sad! )

*Dancer In the Dark (i guess i wrote about this one a week before or something…)

*Scoop (These days, i am keen on Woddy Allen!!)

*Everything is Illuminated

And here’s the list of films I want to check out :)

*Mona Lisa Smile (The image seems beautiful, so as Anne Hathaway)

*The Apartment (I am kind of antsy about someone has already borrowed it while i am catching up the list! )

*Under the Tuscan Sun (The scenary of Italia should be wonderful and brightful! Also it shall reminicent me about the trip to San francisco :) )

*A room with a View (Another old and classic! )

*Working Girl (should be thrilling and lively! looking forward to refresh myself up with womens energy.)

*Husbands and Wives (Woddy Allen again;) cant keep myself away from his charm somehow… maybe it is because my favorite Japanese story-writer Koki Mitani recommended him?)

*Les Liaisons dangereuses (Someone has already borrowed it! I have to wait till it is returned.) I guess it is about french Bourgeoisie in 18 century.)

*Mon and Oncle (French film. Hopefully going to enjoy unique and pop styles and scenery of Paris!)

*What’s Up,Doc? (This one is also french i guess.)

*Black Swan (This is on mom’s top list. Already have recorded on HDD )

Classic Series of Audrey Hepburn (I share the birthday with her! :) Besides I am curious with old classic black and white lately.)

*The Children’s Hour

*Paris When It Rains

*How to Steal a Million (i guess i already have this one in HDD.)

*Two For the Road

*Wait Until Dark

*They All Laughed

*My Fair Lady

….Okay, that’s all for now. :)

If you have any recommendation for me, I would love to hear them, thanks :)

my favorite pattern from Liverty, UK


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