soft rose


I bought this flower at the supermarket today. I have been eager to have roses on my dining table so it just made my day :)

There were also yellow and white ones too but I can’t make my eyes off from this milky pink roses. It’s just adorable and lovely. Which color of roses do you like? I would love to have planter of roses in front of my house. Every time I pass by the house with roses, I can’t resist taking a second look! I love especially, seeing a old man taking care of roses. The contrast of grumpy old man with flowers is just kind of funny and lovely i feel. Anyways, just placing a cheerful color of flowers make your mood completely bright. I am also thinking of trying to put some tiny flowers on water using plain vase.  Doesn’t it sound like so soothing? :)

I would love to hear your ideas of arranging flowers, unique vase ideas, etc.

Oh as for Olympics! Japan has already got 2 or 3 medals apparently!


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