Green Field


Yes! They are still lively blooming on our dining table :) I found some gerberas at the supermarket yesterday and was kind of tantalized but maybe next time we are run out of flowers ;-p

Today, I got up at 6:30 and watched “Eat Pray Love”. (Julia Roberts) and Here’s my review….

My favorite lines

  • “You are too charming to make fun of.”
  • “You are a woman, search for your word.”

Actually the last 45mins was my favorite part of the movie.(Taken at Bali) Which do you prefer, Bali or Rome? :) I’d say Bali. There are easy and relaxing atmosphere and time seems to pass so slowly as if ice-cube melting in a cup. You would enjoy laying on the grass and seeing the shape of cloud changing and never be bored. The music was also good. I like seeing nobody is busy walking and moving around and there is easy listening. :) I wish to travel Asian countries like Thai, Indonesia, India, and so on near future!

And, what is the word do you think that the best describes you? In the movie, they were talking about this. Some said New York is “ambition” and London is “solid”, some lady expressed herself “good girl” ;). What’s your word? “flower”? “cookies”? “sparkle”? I didn’t find mine though ;) I will! in the future :) Because, having “My Word” would be one encouragement to live as you are, I guess. :)

In the afternoon, mom and I went to drugstore to pick my ES up and went for driving! There is a hotel we used to go on the top of the mountain and the view from there was so beautiful. We pulled over and I had ginger tea and mom had iced coffee. We enjoyed the moment so much and also listening to some CDs and radio on the way home. :) I started trying ginger tea to keep my body hot and make my circulation system work well. I guess it went better so far because I sweated a lot during the foot bath today and swelling on my legs and faces seems a bit better.

Mom and I really got along well together today! No arguments, No irritates. :) I was so happy!

As for hospitalization, I somehow managed to avoid it again! I had checkup yesterday but I made some evil far-fetched makeshift :-S But the result of blood test was so bad and I have to check it again next week so possibility of getting hospitalized is not vanished yet. I have to encounter the fear.. But I never increase the amount of ES up to 450ml this week.(for the record…)

ES: m160-170, l120,k100

I will go to the library tomorrow maybe borrow some DVDs and a book about Chinese tea!

Then, see you tomorrow! Hope you had a good day :)


One response to “Green Field

  1. Thanks Kelie for liking this post! I am glad if you enjoyed reading through :) Please look in on again sometime. I will drop by your blog later, too!

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